This was my Year 13 Level 3 Design board, completed in 2014. Inspired by the aesthetic of the 1950's, I created an imaginary drive-in cinema called “Limelight”, for students and young adults within New York City. 
I focused my imagery on vintage cars, diner-themed food and bright colours, creating mock-ups of billboards, popcorn boxes and much more! 
Employer: Spotswood College
Completed: November 2014
For my initial logo concepts I researched different logo styles that suited my theme, and incorporated them into my own designs. By doing this I was able to explore a variety of different ways to express my theme to the target audience. From these initial concepts, I combined several styles to create more developed logos, whilst also introducing a new illustration of a vintage car. I decided to focus more on the car aspect for my final concept, as I felt this reflected my brand best. The basic outline of the car and simple font helps to emphasise my aim of simplicity, and lets the target audience identify what my company is.
For my initial poster designs, I used varies artist models so that I could experiment with different styles, compositions and typography. When analysing my initial concepts, I was drawn towards one specific design which I then used to further develop my posters. I felt this concept related best with my theme, as it was the most retro looking. My final poster really embodies the brand identity, using geometric shapes and bold colours to express a retro design and inform my target audience of the necessary information.
Another useful advertisement for "Limelight" is a billboard. I first researched simple billboard designs, as I wanted something that could be understood from a distance and got the message across quickly. For my final design, I wanted to break up the simple rectangular shape with one of my illustrated cars, and felt by placing it upside down it would attract my target audience more as it was a different composition!
My two page spread consisted mostly of typography. As it was also for advertisement but this time within a magazine, I experimented with different ways to incorporate text in an intriguing way. For my initial concepts I used artist models to trial different layouts. As I developed my work further, I decided to continue with the concept of having my text in the shape of a car. For my final two page spread, I used a simple font and coloured each section accordingly to give the illusion of a car. The cinema title and location framed the main piece of text, and created a sense of movement and depth. In the future, I would considered brightening the background, as when I printed it off it came out rather dark.
Popcorn is a major part in the cinema experience, and I felt it would be a unique design concept to include in my final board. I decided to create a simple design, using less imagery than the rest of my board. I wanted to make this design really "pop" - just like popcorn does! After researching different popcorn box styles, my final design was a a simple shape with minimal graphics. I even printed the box out to create a physical product and included in my board submission.
Another unique design concept I had was to design the entrance sign of the cinema. I researched different diner and retro signage, really focusing on the shapes of each type. These concepts definitely have a futuristic feel to them, which strongly reflects the 1950's design aesthetic. Although I enjoy the curved shapes, I decided to keep my final design simple with bold colours and sharp angles.
applications: Adobe CC Illustrator, Adobe CC Photoshop

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